Google Pay Per Click / Adwords
Pay per click advertising (PPC) offers an incredibly powerful sales and marketing tool to almost any kind of business. It can provide targeted visitors to your site via keywords you define. It's also immediate, controllable and highly measurable. Is there a catch? No, but there's no free lunch either. Google has made starting an Adwords campaign quick and easy (you can certainly do it yourself), BUT, the downside to that ease of entry has been the increase in competition in every business sector, meaning running costs have skyrocketed and many businesses abandoning campaigns as they struggle to make it profitable.
How Can Suninway Help?
Using Adwords can be like rolling some very expensive dice. We minimise the risk by using consistently proven techniques to help you get the right people clicking through to your site for less money. Which means you converting increasingly more visitors for less cost. Multiply those benefits over a year or even two, and you'll see why our clients feel that we are incredible value for money.
Adwords Set-up and Optimisation
We research, set-up and optimise your new or existing Adwords campaign. We then manage the first critical month where we refine keyword selection, bid amounts and text-ads to their full potential.
Key benefits of using Suninway PPC optimization service
 More targeted and profitable visitors for less money
 We'll increase the quality of your visitors to reduce time wasters
 We help you identify new opportunities in your market place
 You'll learn how to use Adwords to 'plug' gaps in your SEO campaign
 Learn how to use Adwords as a testing tool for your website's effectiveness
 Much more!
Contact Suninway now to find out how we can help you optimize your PPC campaign.