What Is Content Design?

Content design can be used in print work; however, they generally refer to content on the Internet. Keep reading below to learn what content designers are responsible for and how they create their designs.

An Overview of Content Design

Content Design: What Is It?

Content design is a phase of Web Design and development which includes selecting the right elements, or content, and organizing them in a coherent fashion. Content typically includes text, static and animated graphics, sound and page layout. Certain elements of graphic art, such as color, size and space, are also useful in content design.

What Types of Websites Benefit From Content Design?

All of them do, from e-commerce and social networking sites to blogs and online magazines. Content design is used to create a consistent layout, break up big blocks of text so they can be easier to read, make sure graphics match content and create a site that's easy to navigate. Poorly designed websites can turn visitors away. This may be of the utmost importance to those conducting business online.

What Careers Are Available for Content Designers

Web designers and developers, content writers, editors and managers, programmers, server administrators and others are responsible for some form of content design on the Web. These individuals may or may not be involved in the creation of Web content, but are still responsible for its organization and layout. They accomplish these tasks using a variety of methods, including content management systems, marketing strategies and Internet programming languages such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript.